Dialysis Centres in Switzerland

Premium Swiss Medical Enquiry Service

To assist international patients in enquiring to a wide range of hospitals, clinics and dialysis centres across Switzerland we have partnered with Premium Swiss Medical
Premium Swiss Medical can also create holiday packages including hotel accommodation, transport, visas etc and can arrange interpreters as required.
Premium Swiss Medical
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Dialysis Centres in Switzerland
You should be prepared to provide diagnosis report, information on current medication, any current test results and documentation.
Some do accept patients of Hepatitis B or C or HIV positive status but some smaller centres do not.
Dialysis centres in Switzerland

What can I expect to pay?

Centres range from university hospitals in major cities to private dialysis centres in smaller towns, so naturally costs will vary, but examples are:
Hospital in medium sized city: CHF 550 per treatment all inclusive.
Private hospital in a major city: CHF 530 per treatment plus any diagnostic tests or medication.
We do not currently feature any dialysis centres in Switzerland.
Operators of dialysis centres in Switzerland or in other countries wishing to feature their centres on this web site are invited to contact MHL

MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service

We can however pass enquiries to centres in the following locations in Switzerland.
Location Provider
Aarau Private hospital
Altdorf Public hospital
Basel Private dialysis centre
Bern Private hospital
Chiasso (Como) Private dialysis centre
Chur Public hospital
Davos Public hospital
Geneva University hospital
Interlaken Private hospital
Lausanne Private hospital
Locarno/Ascona Private dialysis centre
Lugano Private dialysis centre
Luzern Private hospital
Männedorf (Zürich - Rapperswill) Private dialysis centre
Neuchatel Public hospital
Rüschlikon (7Km Zürich) Private dialysis centre
Samedan (St Moritz) Private dialysis centre
Schaffhausen Public hospital
St Gallen Public hospital
Thun Private dialysis centre
Uster Private dialysis centre
Visp (nr Brig) Public hospital
Winterthur Public hospital
Zermatt Private dialysis centre
Zürich Private hospital
Private dialysis centre
haemodialysis introductions for business and holiday travellers
We cannot guarantee that centres are suitable for all patients, e.g. depending upon HIV, hepatitis status etc. We can only assist you in making enquiries.

MHL Dialysis introductions

We do not have contractual reationships with the centres listed, but on your request we can send them an initial enquiry.
Please complete our Dialysis Enquiry Form and select your preferred location(s) from the drop-down menu.
We charge a small handling fee for this service, which depends upon the number of dialysis  centres you wish to apply to. When you send an enquiry you will be directed to our payment page.
On receipt of payment we will pass on your enquiry and ask your selected centres  to reply to you directly.
Premium Swiss Medical Services
Please do not submit enquiries for other locations in Switzerland. We cannot process these and our fees are non-refundable!
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