MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service for business and holiday travellers
Falköping Västera Götaland
Falun Dalarna
Gällivare Norrbotten, Lapland
Gävle Gävleborg, Gästrikland
Göteborg Göteborg
Helsingborg Oresund
Kalix Norrbotten
Kalmar Kalmar
Karlshamn Bleckinge
Karlskrona Bleckinge
Karlstad Värmland
Lulea Norrbotten, Lapland
Lycksele Västerbotten, Lapland
Norrköping Östergöttland
Pitea Norrbotten
Skelleftea Västerbotten
Södertälje Stockholm
Stockholm Stockholm
Sundsvall Västernorrland
Umea Västerbotten
Uppsala Uppsala
Värnamo Jönköping
Västeras Västmanland
Visby Gotland
We do not currently feature any dialysis centres in Sweden with free, direct enquiry.
We can however check availability for dialysis  at the following locations.
Enquire for visitor dialysis in Stockholm

Dialysis Centres in Sweden

Dialysis services for visitors to Stockholm
Map of dialysis centres in Sweden
Dialysis in Sweden, Falkoeping
Dialysis in Sweden, Soedertalje
Dialysis in Sweden, Visby
Dialysis in Sweden, Stockholm
Dialysis in Sweden, Kalmar
Dialysis in Denmark, Copenhagen
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Dialysis in Sweden, Helsingborg
Göteborg (Gothenburg)
Dialysis in Sweden, Gothenburg
Dialysis in Sweden, Vaernamo
Dialysis in Sweden, Norrkoepping
Dialysis in Sweden, Karlstad
Dialysis in Sweden, Vaesteras
Dialysis in Sweden, Uppsala
Dialysis in Sweden, Gaevle
Dialysis in Sweden, Falun
Dialysis in Sweden, Sundsvall
Dialysis in Sweden, Umea
Vaasa (Finland)
Dialysis in Finland, Vaasa
Dialysis in Sweden, Skelleftea
Dialysis in Sweden, Lycksele
Dialysis in Sweden, Pitea
Dialysis in Sweden, Lulea
Dialysis in Sweden, Kalix
Dialysis in Sweden, Gaellivare
Dialysis in Norway, Oslo
Oslo (Norway)
Kemi (Finland)
Dialysis in Finland, Kemi
Klaipeda (Lithuania)
Dialysis in Lithuania, KIaipeda
Dialysis in Latvia, Riga
Riga (Latvia)

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Free enquiries to featured dialysis centres
Dialysis centres or hospitals in Sweden offering holiday dialysis are invited to contact MHL. Patients enquire free of charge to featured dialysis centres.
Koszalin (Poland)
Dialysis in Poland, Koszalin
Dialysis in Sweden, Karlshamn
Dialysis in Sweden, Karlskrona
If we find an available dialysis space and you wish to proceed we will ask you to pay our Introduction Fee.
Please note that we do not receive any form of payment from these centres and our service depends upon fees from patients.
On receipt of payment we will pass your contact details to the dialysis centre and give you theirs, so that you can complete the arrangements directly.

Completing your enquiry

Some centres only accept direct telephone enquiry by patients. If this applies we will  provide you with direct contact details for you to try yourself.
In this case no Introduction Fee is payable.

Enquiries for dialysis in Sweden

MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service
Please complete our Dialysis Enquiry Form and select Göteborg, Helsingborg, Stockholm, Umea or Sweden - other listed location from the drop-down menu.

Initial enquiry

If you enquire within 30 days of proposed treatment we charge an enhanced Enquiry Fee.
On receipt of our Enquiry Fee we will request availability at your chosen location and report back to you.
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