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We do not currently feature any dialysis centres in Malta with free, direct enquiry.
Operators of dialysis centres in Malta or in other countries, who would like to be featured on this web site are invited to contact MHL
Dialysis in Malta, L_Imsida
Dialysis for business or holiday visitors to Malta, Valletta
Dialysis for visitors to Valletta, Malta
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Please complete our Dialysis Enquiry Form and select your desired location from the drop-down menu.
MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service
Dialysis capacity in Malta is very limited and our enquiry fee is non-refundable so please do not submit enquiries less than three months from desired dialysis!
With longer notice we can try for you, but availability is still uncertain.

Initial enquiry

On receipt of our Enquiry Fee we will request availability at your chosen location and report back to you.
If we find an available dialysis space and you wish to proceed we will ask you to pay our Introduction Fee.
Please note that we do not receive any form of payment from these centres and our service depends upon fees from patients.
On receipt of payment we will pass your contact details to the dialysis centre and give you theirs, so that you can complete the arrangements directly.

Completing your enquiry

We can however check availability for dialysis  at the following locations in Malta.
L-Imsida Valletta
We can only handle enquiries for Malta with MINIMUM three months advance notice.

Enquiries for dialysis in Malta

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