Useful Links for Renal Dialysis

Europe (General)

European Kidney Patients Federation

Bulgarian Renal Association

Association of the Organizations of Dialysis and Transplant Patients of Croatia

Bundesverband Niere e.V. (Deutschland)

Deutsche Nierenstiftung - German Kidney Foundation

Fédération Nationale d’Aide aux Insuffisants Rénaux (FNAIR) (France)

Fondation du Rein (France)

Vesetebegek Egyesületeinek Országos Szövetsege (Hungary)

Transplant Foundation for Renewed Lives (Hungary)

Irish Kidney Association  


American Association of Kidney Patients

American Society of Nephrology

National Kidney Foundation (USA)

Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation (USA)

Asociacion Solidaria de Insuficientes Renales Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Fundación Renal del Nordeste Argentino

Pró Renal Brasil (Pro-Renal Foundation)

Kidney Foundation of Canada

La Fondation Canadienne du Rein

Fundanier - Fundación para el Niño Enfermo Renal (Guatemala)

Fundación Mexicana del Riñó A .C.

Paraguayan Kidney Foundation


Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry

Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Health New Zealand  or

Renal Society of Australasia

Victoria State, Better Health Channel


International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis Information Centre (with international links)

Kidney Cancer Association

World Foundation for Renal Care

Association of European Kidney Specialists

International Society of Nephrology Kidney International


National Kidney Foundation of South Africa

United Kingdom

British Kidney Patient Association

Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund

Scottish Kidney Federation

UK National Kidney Federation

Kidney Research UK

Welsh Kidney Patients' Association

Kidney Wales Foundation - Sefydliad Aren Cymru

Scandinavia and Baltics

Eesti Neeruhaigete Liit (Estonia)

Félag nýrnasjúkra (Iceland)

Landsforeningen for Nyrepasienter og Transplanterte (Norge)

Munuais - ja maksaliitto ry (Finnish Kidney and Liver Association)

Njurförbundet (Swedish Kidney Association)

Nyreforeningen (Danish Kidney Association)

Pritark Organu Donorystei (Lithuanian Kidney Patients Association - GYVASTIS)


Hong Kong Kidney Foundation Ltd.

National Kidney Foundation India

Pondicherry Kidney Foundation (India)

Indonesia Kidney Care Club

Charity Foundation for Special Diseases (Iran)

Kidney Foundation of Iran

International Kidney Evaluation Association of Japan

Kidney Foundation Malaysia

Kidney Foundation of Pakistan

National Kidney Foundation Singapore

Anadolu Böbrek Vakfi - Anatolian Kidney Foundation (Turkey)
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Europe (General)
Scandinavia and Baltics         

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Kidney Charities and Foundations

Kidney patient blogs and information

See blogs
Fondazione Italiane del Rene (Italian Kidney Foundation)

Renalgate (Italia)

Nierpatientenvereiniging Nederlands (NVN)

Nierstichting Nederland

Ogólnopolskie Stovarzyszenie Osób Dializowanych (Polish Association of Dialyzed People)

Krajowa Fundacjy Nefrologiczna - National Kidney Foundation, Warsaw (Poland)

Associacao Portuguesa de Insuficientes Renais (APIR) (Portugal)

Verband Nierenpatienten Schweiz (Switzerland)

Zveza Društev Ledvicnih Bolnikov Slovenije (United Kidney Patients Association of Slovenia)

Fundación Renal Iñigo Álvarez de Toledo (Spain)
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