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Liver dialysis and pruritus                          Dialysis equipment and supplies
Liver dialysis can form a bridge to later transplant surgery and it can even allow space for the liver to recover and rebuild normal function.
MARS liver dialysis can support liver function and relieve itching from pruritus
Pruritus is one symptom which can arise from liver failure, but the intense itching may be quickly relieved by liver dialysis.
Unlike renal dialysis, liver dialysis uses albumin to filter insoluble toxins from the body.
Dialysis in Indonesia: Private hospital-based dialysis services in Bali
Cafe at Nusa Dusa dialysis centre in Bali
Nusa Dua dialysis facilities in Bali, Indonesia
International patients service at BIMC HOSPITAL
Internationally staffed hospital in Nusa Dua, close to 5 star hotels, beaches and holiday facilities
offers 6-day dialysis service in luxury surroundings, to full Australian standards.
Dialysis in Greece: Northern Greece, close to Thesaloniki.
Interior of Nefrologiki dialysis centre, Northern Greece
Nefrologiki Dialysis Centre, Thermaikos, Thessaloniki, Greece
Modern, purpose-built dialysis centre welcomes visitors to Halkidiki, Greece
Nefrologiki Dialysis Centre is a large, modern centre, ideally situated for business visitors to
Greece's second city and for holiday visitors to the popular Chalkidiki peninsula
Centres in Aarau, Berne, Lausanne, Luzern and Zürich
Hirslanden is Switzerland's largest private healthcare group with 14 hospitals.
Visitor dialysis service is offered at Aarau, Bern, Lausanne, Luzern and Zurich.
Hirslanden visitor dialysis service in Switzerland
Jakarta Mitra Hospital
Ramsay Health Care operates hospitals and day surgery centres in Australia, Indonesia and the UK.
Ramsay Health Care Indonesia offers visitor dialysis service in Jakarta and Surabaya.
Surabaya Hospital
Dialysis in Indonesia.  Hospital based dialysis in Java.
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Proton therapy offers the gentlest form of treatment today for many forms of cancer.
University and private specialist hospitals offer advanced treatments for many medical conditions.
Expert rehabilitation from stroke, accident or operations at Medical Park, Germany
ProCure Proton Therapy Centre, Oklahoma
Dialysis for holiday
Planning a holiday in Bali, Greece, Luzern, even Albania, but you need dialysis?
Business in Athens, Bern or Jakarta?
Dialysis equipment
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