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The 300 bed, state-of-the-art International Medical Center (IMC) is a multidisciplinary hospital that is committed to delivering a service like no other. One that will captivate its visitors and staff, engulfing them in itís new approach to medicine and building a new culture to be transmitted to future generations as the Islamic standard in healthcare.
IMC works with the highly acclaimed Joint Commission International (JCI) to uphold superior international standards.
It is a multi-specialty hospital that features six centres of excellence with sub-specialties, delivered by US and Canadian board certified physicians. These centres are childrenís health, womenís health, pain and headache management, diabetes, musculoskeletal and plastic surgery and dermatology, in addition to many other specialties.
Joint Commission International, JCI
IMC has six operating theatres, equipped with the most sophisticated technology. This provides surgeons with full control over all equipment in the operating theatre, through voice commands or touch screen monitors.
Managing type 1 and type 2 patients, continuous glucose monitoring system, insulin pump, diabetic diet counselling, foot care and diabetic foot treatments, osteoporosis clinic, gestational diabetes management, training on glucometer use and classes on diabetes.
Women's Health
General checkup, pre-marital screening, ante-natal and post-natal care, infertility treatment and IVF unit, sexual dysfunction management, adolescent care, pre and post menopause care, breast feeding counseling, incontinence assessment and management, osteoporosis care and physchological counseling.
Children's Health
Pain and headache centre
This centre uses the latest medical breakthroughs to manage chronic headache and migraine, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, diabetic pain, cancer pain, women's pain and provides rehabilitation and physical therapy.
Plastic surgery and dermatology
Skin problems e.g. acne, scars and hyper-pigmentation, breast augmentations or reductions, post bariatric surgery and stretch mark treatments, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.
Musculoskeletal centre
Joint reconstruction surgery, sports injuries, athoroscopic surgery, arthoroplasty, scoliosis/spine deformity, bone deformities, paediatric congenital deformities, hand surgery, minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology, back and spine clinic and podiatry clinic.
Specialities at IMC include the following.
General paediatric care is supplemented by paediatric cardiology, pulmonary medicine, infectious diseases, dentistry, nephrology, gastroenterology, intensive care, genetics, endocrinology, neurology and rehabilitation.  Neonatal care through to behavioural psychology and psychiatry are included.
Advanced medical technologies
Renal dialysis centres
Liver dialysis centres
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International Medical Center, Jeddah
International Medical Centre, Saudi Arabia
IMC Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
JCI accredited hospital, Saudi Arabia
Cath lab, IMC, Jeddah
Cafeteria, International Medical Centre, Jeddah
Diabetes, women's, children's and muscuolskeletal treatments
cardiology, plastic surgery, dermatology
Pain and headache treatment, Jeddah
IMC hospital gardens, Jeddah
IMC also works in cooperation with Hirslanden, Switzerland's largest private healthcare provider.
Hirslanden Group, Switzerland
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