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We do not currently feature any companies offering complete dialysis holiday packages, including flights, transfers and accommodation, but we would like to include these here.
Services at featured centres
Some of the centres featured on this web site, especially in Greece and Indonesia, will arrange hotels and transfers to/from their premises and you will find details on the respective pages.
Dialysis holiday packages
Operators are invited to contact PPM Consult Ltd.
Nefrologiki Dialysis Centre, Chalkidiki
Outdoor cafe at BIMC HOSPITAL Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
These include the following centres:
For patients booking a minimum of five treatments the clinic can arrange transfers and assist with booking accommodation near the dialysis unit. This includes luxury accommodation in Chalkidi at the Sani Resort Hotel.
BIMC HOSPITAL Dialysis Centre, Nusa Dua, Bali
BIMC HOSPITAL Nusa Dua is situated in verdant surroundings in close proximity to luxury 5-star hotels, excellent shopping and food esplanades and secluded beaches. The dialysis centre assists international patients with hotels, tours and activities and a shuttle service is available to and from treatments, in and around Nusa Dua.
MHL Dialysis is a service from PPM Consult Ltd., which is a marketing company. The information on dialysis centres and treatments is provided by the centres and is presented here in good faith. We shall not be responsible for the quality of any diagnosis given or failure to diagnose or for any treatments given at these centres. All correspondence will be between the patient (or doctor) and the individual centre and we will not be a party to this. We recommend that patients should make any checks they consider appropriate before attending for dialysis.
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