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We currently feature the following dialysis services in Greece
Santorini Renal, Greece
With 13 in-centre state-of-the art dialysis stations, training and treatment suites, Santorini Renal provides a high quality service to all patients.
Santorini Renal is a state-of-the art therapy centre offering haemodialysis for patients with chronic renal failure. The unit is located in a modern building with easy access, the latest technology, personal treatment and the highest possible attention of highly-qualified medical and assistance personnel.
Santorini Renal
Mesogeios Dialysis Centres
Mesogeios Dialysis
Mesogeios Dialysis Centre, Herkalion, Crete
With a network of six modern, purpose-built dialysis centres from Serres in Northern Greece to Iraklion in Crete and two centres in the Athens/Piraeus area, Mesogeios is well placed both for business visitors and to patients seeking holiday dialysis.
Mesogeios centres use the latest Fresenius dialysis machines and welcome international visitors, with advice on hotels, car hire and local transport.
Nefrologiki is a modern, purpose-built dialysis centre just South of Thessaloniki, Greece's second city, on the Chalkidiki peninsula. This is a very popular area for tourists to Greece and the centre is also close to Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport, making it convenient for business and holiday travellers alike.
With capacity for 50 dialysis patients at one time, the foremost concern of the clinic is to offer patients medical services of the same and/or higher quality than those they receive at home.
Nefrologiki, Thessaloniki
Modern, purpose-built dialysis centre welcomes visitors to Halkidiki, Greece
Single dialysis station, Nefrologiki, Thessaloniki
We are seeking additional dialysis centres in Greece. Operators are invited to contact PPM Consult Ltd.

Patients: please use the e-mail or telephone details provided on the page for the centre that you wish to contact.
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