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CEMIC (Centro de Educación Médica e Investigaciones Clínicas “Norberto Quirno”) was founded in 1958. It is a private non-profit associatio founded by Dr. Norberto Quirno and a group of disciples and friends.
Buenos Aires
As a result of this vision, CEMIC has grown to become a leading institution, combining teaching, research and healthcare for the community. Since its beginning, the institution has been deeply involved in graduate medical education and in 1997 created the Instituto Universitario CEMIC (IUC).
Las Heras
Today CEMIC has two main University Hospital sites in Buenos Aires, at Las Heras and Saavedra and six medical centres around the city, at Belgrano, Caballito, Las Heras, F H Pombo de Rodriguez, R Baron San Isidro, Rodríguez Peña and Talcahuano.
CEMIC offers a full range of healthcare facilities from family medical advice to maternity, cardiology and transplant surgery (kidney, pancreas and bone marrow).
Renal care was an early feature at CEMIC, which started haemodialysis in 1967 and performed its first kidney transplant in 1970.
In 2001 a dialysis centre was opened at Saavedra University Hospital with 24 haemodialysis stations and a subsection for outpatient continuous peritoneal dialysis. This department has become a referral center in Argentina.
The first admissions to the new University Hospital at Saavedra were made in 1999 with further units opened subsequrntly and in 2005 the hospital was awarded accreditation by the Technical Institute of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions (ITAES).
New MRI and PET-CT scanners have recently been added to complement diagnostic capabilities.
Kidney transplants and dialysis
In 1885 it opened a new kidney-pancreas transplant centre and up to September 2008 a total of 846 renal transplantations have been performed.
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CEMIC (Centro de Educación Médica e Investigaciones Clínicas “Norberto Quirno”)
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