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Amstetten Niederösterreich/
Bad Hofgastein Salzburg/
St Johann im Pongau
Bad Ischl Salzkammergut
Bregenz Voralberg/Bodensee
Eisenstadt Burgenland
Feldbach Steiermark/
Feldkirch Voralberg
Freistadt Oberösterreich/
Graz Steiermark (Styria)
Horn Niedeösterreich/
Innsbruck Tirol
Judenburg Steiermark/Murtal
Klagenfurt Kärnten/Wörthersee
Kufstein Tirol
Leoben Steiermark (Styria)
Lienz East Tirol
Linz Oberösterreich
Mistelbach Niederösterreich
Mödling Niederösterreich
Oberpullendorf Burgenland
Pörtschach Kärnten/Wörthersee
Reutte Tirol
Ried im Innkreis Oberösterreich
Rohrbach Oberösterreich
Salzburg Salzburg
Schärding Oberösterreich
Schladming Steiermark
Scharzach Salzburg/
St Johann im Pongau
Schwaz Tirol
Spittal a.d. Drau Kärnten (Carinthia)
St Johann - Tirol Tirol/Kitzbühel
St Pölten Niederösterreich
Steyr Oberösterreich
Vöcklabruck Oberösterreich
Wels Oberösterreich
Wiener Neustadt Niederösterreich
Zams Tirol/Landeck
Zell am See Salzburg
Dialysis centres or hospitals in Austria offering holiday dialysis are invited to contact MHL. Patients enquire free of charge to featured dialysis centres.
MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service
Please complete our Dialysis Enquiry Form and select Bregenz, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg or Austria - other listed location from the drop-down menu.
MHL dialysis enquiry service for business and holiday travellers

Dialysis Centres in Austria

Dialysis for holidays in Salzburg and the Salzkammergut, Austria
Austrian Society of Nephrology
Austrian Dialysis and Transplant Registry
Some of the public hospitals have additional satellite units in their nearby region, so please note in your enquiry if you would like further information.
In some larger towns and cities in Austria we can enquire at multiple locations, so if you know your destination address we may be able to suggest a convenient dialysis centre.

Choosing a dialysis centre in Austria

Map of dialysis centres in Austria
Dialysis in Austria, Feldkirch
Dialysis in Austria, Schladming
Dialysis in Austria, Zams
Dialysis in Austria, Schwaz
Dialysis in Austria, Innsbruck
Dialysis in Austria, Woerthersee
Pörtschach (Wörthersee)
Dialysis in Austria, Bad Hofgastein
Bad Hofgastein
Dialysis in Austria, Judenburg
Dialysis in Austria, Bregenz
Dialysis in Austria, Klagenfurt
Zell am See
Dialysis in Austria, Zell am See
Dialysis in Austria, Graz
Dialysis in Austria, Salzburg
Dialysis in Austria, Leoben
Passau (Germany)
Dialysis in Germany, Passau
Dialysis in Austria, Feldbach
Dialysis in Austria, Oberpullendorf
Dialysis in Austria, Amstetten
Dialysis in Austria, Horn
Dialysis in Austria, Wiener Neustadt
Dialysis in Austria, Spittal an der Drau
Spittal an der Drau
Bad Ischl
Dialysis in Austria, Bad Ischl
Dialysis in Austria, Voecklabruck
Dialysis in Austria, Linz
Dialysis in Austria, Ried
Dialysis in Austria, Rohrbach
Dialysis in Austria, Steyr
Dialysis in Austria, Schaerding
Dialysis in Austria, Wels
Dialysis in Austria, Schwarzach
Dialysis in Austria, Kufstein
Dialysis in Austria, Lienz
Dialysis in Austria, Reutte
Dialysis in Germany, Fuessen
St Johann in Tirol
Dialysis in Austria, St Johann in Tirol
Dialysis in Liechtenstein, Schaan
Dialysis in Switzerland, Altstaetten
Dialysis for holiday or business visitors to Vienna
Dialysis for visitors to the Salzkammergut
Dialysis for holiday and busness visitors to Vienna, Austria
Dialysis in Slovenia, Maribor
Maribor (Slovenia)
(Thermal Region)
Wiener Neustadt
Znojmo (Czechia)
Dialysis in Czechia, Znojmo

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Free enquiries to featured dialysis centres
Sopron (Hungary)
Dialysis in Hungary, Sopron
Vienna Dialysis

Dialysis in Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city and justly popular with visitors, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find visitor dialysis there.
Enquire for dialysis at dialysis centres and hospitals across Vienna
St Pölten
Dialysis in Austria, St Poelten
Dialysis in Austria, Mistelbach
Dialysis in Austria, Moedling
Dialysis in Slovakia, Bratislava
Dialysis in Austria, Eisenstadt
(Neusiedler See)
Dialysis in Austria, Neusiedler See
Dialysis centres in Italy
There are dialysis centres across the city but many of these are closed to non-resident patients and/or do not respond to  enquiries, so it may be necessary to travel outside the city for dialysis.
We can contact a range of centres in Vienna and in the surrounding area of Lower Austria and we can  also advise on local transport options, but this requires considerable time and effort on our part.
Requests for Vienna can now only be handled on a pre-paid custom enquiry basis. Please enquire to:
Hrakleio, Crete dialysis centre
Free direct enquiry.
Chania, Crete dialysis centre
Check for availability through the MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service.
Free enquires to OptimaMed Dialysis Centre in Frauenkirchen, Austria
Modern dialysis centre with a high level of comfort and relaxed atmosphere in the wonderful natural environment of Seewinkel tourism region of Burgenland, Austria.

OptimaMed, Frauenkirchen

Optimamed dialysis team, Frauenkirchen, Austria

Free, direct enquiries to featured dialysis centres in Austria

Other dialysis centres in Austria

We can also pass enquiries to private hospitals and dialysis centres at the listed locations in Austria.
Ceiling of Basilika Frauenkirchen, Seewinkel, Burgenland, Austria
Dialysis for visitors to Frauenkirchen, Burgenland
If you are viewing on a smartphone you may have to turn it sideways to make the places appear!
If we find an available dialysis space and you wish to proceed we will ask you to pay our Introduction Fee.
Please note that we do not receive any form of payment from these centres and our service depends upon fees from patients.
On receipt of payment we will pass your contact details to the dialysis centre and give you theirs, so that you can complete the arrangements directly.
If you enquire within 30 days of proposed treatment we charge an enhanced Enquiry Fee.
On receipt of our Enquiry Fee we will request availability at your chosen location and report back to you.

Initial enquiry

Completing your enquiry

Some centres only accept direct telephone enquiry by patients. If this applies we will  provide you with direct contact details for you to try yourself.
In this case no Introduction Fee is payable.
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