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Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
São Paulo
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Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Sao Paulo, Brazil
In 1955, a group of idealists from the Jewish community of São Paulo founded Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein (SBIBAE) in the Morumbi district of São Paulo, based upon four traditional Jewish principles: Good Deeds (Mitzvá), Health/Healing (Refuá), Education (Chinuch), Solidarity/Justice (Tsedaká).
Today SBIBAE is modern institution, focussed upon modernisation and the pursuit of quality in healthcare and it is currently in the process of a major expansion from 485 to 700 beds.
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein's Organ Transplant Program performs liver, kidney, pancreas, lung and heart transplants. Since 2002, the program has performed over 1,100 organ transplants through the National Health Care System, making HIAE the largest liver transplant centre in Latin America.
In December 2006, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein opened its Minimally Invasive Surgical Centre - with four digitalized suites, especially conceived for this type of procedure. 
The Centre has the first state-of-the-art digital angiography equipment installed in Latin America, enabling doctors to perform open and minimally invasive procedures simultaneously. Furthermore, it is possible to digitally connect the Endovascular Suite to the hospital's imaging network. During surgery, the  medical staff can access preoperative images such as a tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound or nuclear medicine examinations.
Diagnostic studies and procedures to take place in the same room, at the same table, with no need to transfer the patient from room to room - something especially helpful in emergency situations.
The Centre also features da Vinci® 'robotic' surgery, where the 'robot' has four poliarticulate arms with 360º flexibility and precise movements. At the tip of one of these arms a camera broadcasts 3D images. The other three arms manipulate surgical instruments under control of the surgeon, who has a greatly magnified view of the operation.
External and Internal Radiotherapy
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein offers external beam Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Rariotherapy (IGRT) with gating.
Minimally invasive surgery
Gating times radiation pulses to try to compensate for movements of the target due to breathing and the centre has dedicated tomography equipment for treatment planning.
Brachytherapy is offerd both as High Dose Rate and Low Dose Rate in the form of Iodine 125 seeds, for prostate and for opthalmic treatments.
Stereotactic radiosurgery is offered in the form of GammaKnife®. See our web site for a comparison between the GammaKnife® and CyberKnife® systems.
HIAE is currently the only Brazilian private institution with permission to perform allogeneic transplants and it has recently successfully performed its first haploidentical transplant, thanks to professional qualification, dedication and experience.
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein also offers Intraopertaive Radiotherapy (IORT). This is applied directly to the tumour bed after the tumour has been removed and can save weeks of external radiotherapy afterwards, which can often cause radiation burn to sensitive skin.
Transplant surgery
An entire floor is dedicated to oncology treatment, with beds especially designed for the comfort of cancer patients .
The Oncology Admission Unit offers 31 beds including 05 beds for bone marrow transplant patients, 5 sealed beds, monitored with cameras, for radioisotope therapy, e,g, Radioiodine I -131 therapy, I -131 MIBG therapy (Metaiodobenzylguanidine I -131) or neuroendocrine tumour therapy with 177 Lutetium-octreotide.
Obesity surgery centre
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) structured the Centre for Obesity Surgery to offer an integrated approach. Patients are offered highly qualified support and follow-up services performed by a multidisciplinary team during all treatment phases (pre, trans and post hospitalisation). The programme can be offered in two modalities.
Complete: includes the three phases of treatment (pre, intra and post hospitalization). This modality demands a longer stay in São Paulo, due to follow-up medical visits.
Partial: treatment phases are performed separately. This modality permits more flexibility, allowing patients to choose where they want to perform pre-surgical and follow-up examinations. The physicians are ready to offer online support to those patients who prefer to return to their homes and follow treatment with a local doctor of choice.
The results achieved so far by the HIAE Obesity Surgery Centre are excellent and demonstrate the expertise of the participating professionals.
Full hospital services
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) offers a full range of diagnostic facilities, including 64 slice CT scans and a wide range of treatments.
In addition to Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Morumbi, SBIBAE operates clinics and diagnostic centres in Alphaville, Ibirapuera, Jardins, Morato, Paraisópolis, Perdizes-Higienópolis and Vila Mariana as well as a nursing home.
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) has Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.
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