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PPM Consult Ltd. (PPM) is a specialist business promotion consultancy operating across a broad range of business sectors, of which healthcare is the largest.
The original focus of MHL Health was upon non-invasiive medicine and this is still favoured, but advanced devices of all kinds may be featured there.
Treatments are becoming more specialised and technical, so some require the construction of special centres which may cost USD 300,000,000 or more to build.
Phillip Stacey
Phillip Stacey
Managing Director
As ever, MHL web sites provide reliable information on unfamiliar medical products or services and enable doctors and patients to apply to major treatment centres.
In 2012 PPM acquired the MHL brand in full and the same ethos continues to apply.
MHL Clinics features advanced medical treatments and the university or private hospitals or dedicated specialist centres which offer them.
MHL web sites
PPM Consult Ltd.
MHL Clinics
MHL Health
MHL Health features advanced medical products for diagnosis, management and treatment of acute or chronic diseases. Also devices for medical research and development and laboratory analysis.
High expertise and experience can only be achieved at centres with a large number of patients, so many smaller countries may never have their own facilities
Patients should therefore be prepared to travel abroad for the best treatments and we should cease to regard this as anything remarkable.
MHL Dialysis
MHL Dialysis assists business and holiday travellers to find dialysis centres worldwide and is expanding to feature products and services for dialysis centres.
The MHL ethos
MHL CyberKnife Service
CyberKnife 'non-invasive' radiosurgery was the first advanced treatment adopted for promotion, in early 2006. Few countries then had CyberKnife centres and even many doctors were not yet familiar with it.
CyberKnife Service was created in response to the regular requests for more information on how cases are assessed, what the treatment involves and how to apply.
We also feature technical services to support new and existing CyberKnife centres.
Many of these would not otherwise be available to direct application by patients in other countries..
Today there are many CyberKnife centres around the world, so we focus upon highly skilled centres linked to university hospitals, where we are sure of a prompt and efficient response for patients and doctors alike.
Medilux Healthcare Ltd. and the MHL brand were created to introduce new medical technologies and treatments to doctors and patients, through a portfolio of specialist and regional web sites around the world.
It is a privately owned UK company and Phillip Stacey, Managing Director was also one of the founding directors of Medilux Healthcare Ltd. in 2006.
PPM Consult
Findbesttreatment.com is a simplified web site to allow  patients to search quickly and easily for some of the latest  treatments and apply for treatment on-line.
These are predominantly in Europe (especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and in the USA.
Advanced medical treatments
Renal dialysis centres
Liver dialysis centres
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